Stock & Custom Molding

         One of our core beliefs and motto at Colonial Hardwood has always been “The Details Make the Difference”. For over 40 years we have been working with clients throughout VA, MD, and the Washington D.C area and beyond, to take those details from the drawing board and make them into beautiful mill work elements. Our highly skilled and experienced staff can help you design your own “molding details”, such as a window & door casing, baseboard, crown molding, or any custom mill work element you can think of for your project.

         Of course you are welcome to choose from the hundreds of profile designs (also known as knives) that we already have in stock, saving yourself both time and money in the process. We can produce your moldings in just about any species of wood, but if the budget is tight, or you just want to save money, we offer numerous stock profiles in paint-grade finger-jointed pine for your convenience